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Guangzhou Xiangxue ASIA Beverage Co., Ltd. is the oldest carbonated beverage production enterprise in Guangdong Province. Well known for "ASIA Soda, Tasty and Fun" in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the greater bay area.

ASIA soda's popularity stems from it's unique formulation, witch utilizes exquisite ingredients for and truely original taste!

The "ASIA" brand has more than 70 years of history, and is ranked as Guangdong's Top Ten Brand Drinks. 

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  • King Sarsae MORE >
    King Sarsae

    The healthy beverage delivers classic characters of ASIA SARSAE, with a clear, lively attack and a pleasant smooth sensation provided by the delicate bubbles. (Plum-leaved Holly flavored) 


    • Glasses:325 ml/ bottle
    • Aluminum cans:330 ml/can
  • Asia Sarsae MORE >
    Asia Sarsae

    The added Plum-leaved Holly brings about a unique taste sensation and healthy properties of heat-clearing. Compared to ordinary sodas, this effervescent drink shows 4 times more abundant in the air content, which makes it even better. 


  • Asia Diet Sarsae MORE >
    Asia Diet Sarsae

    This effervescent sports drink contains electrolytes with low sugar content. Luckily, drinkers need not to worry about calories when they enjoy this healthy fuel. 


  • Asia Juice Soda MORE >
    Asia Juice Soda

    The fresh taste and the mild acid level make it a great option for quenching one’s thirst.
    Orange Soda:
    The drink brings about pleasant overall orange flavor without overly sweet taste. 


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  • Coconut Juice MORE >
    Coconut Juice

    The coconut juice is extracted from the fresh mature coconuts, without fragrances, colors or preservatives added. All the processes of production only take 2 hours with 38 work procedures to guarantee high and constant quality. 


  • Asia Soymilk MORE >
    Asia Soymilk

    The soymilk is a plant-based drink produced by classic grinding process, with a soft and rich taste. Not only being rich in nutrients, the product is also suitable for people on the low-carb diet.
    No GM soybeans.


  • Fruit Enzyme MORE >
    Fruit Enzyme

    165 kinds of prebiotics and 12 types of amino acids are found in the product, which could help to support healthy intestinal flora balance. With advanced technology from Japan, the rich nutrients of materials are reserved in maximum. 


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