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Focus Driven Innovation

  • In recent years, XPH has paid close attention to cutting-edge biopharmaceutical technologies and advancement in the international pharmaceutical field. 
  • Through introduction of new technologies and gathering a team of talented innovators, XPH has forged a cooperate system that centers around R&D, innovations and subsidiary scientific research institutions.
  •  Building a R&D platform for the clinical augmentation of RNAi antiviral drugs and high affinity specific T-cell receptor (TCR)T Cell therapy using internationally cutting-edge biological technologies.
R&D System
  • 3 Major Research Operations

    3 Major Research Operations

    1. The Greater Bay Area TCM Global Innovations Center &
    The Industrial Intel TCM Demonstration Plant  - To promote globalization and digitalization of modern TCM pharmaceuticals
    2.  Local Citri Grandis Herbal TCM Research and Commercialization Project - Designated as a National Key Research Project in the TCM Modernization Catagory 
    3.  TCR Affinity Enhancing Specific T Cell Therapy (TAEST) Platform - To develope cutting edge TCR-based Adoptive Cell therapies for the treatment of cancer
  • 4 Major Research and Development Centers

    4 Major Research and Development Centers

    1. Xiangxue Wisdom TCM Research Center
    2. Xiangxue Cambridge International Research Center of Chinese Medicine 
    3. Xiangxue life Sciences Research Center 
    4. Xiangxue Bio-Island Medical Transformation Center 
  • 6 Major Innovation Platforms

    6 Major Innovation Platforms

    1. Key Research Center for International Scientific Collaborations(Joint R&D Cetner)
    2. Research Center for National TCM Herbal Slices Engenieering 
    3. Guangdong Xiangxue Institute for TCM and Natural Medicine Research
    4. Guangdong Industrial Technology Center
    5. Guangdong Key Research Center for Product Seperation of Naturally Produced Substances (Herbal) 
    6. Guandong Research Center for TCM Engineering Technology
  • XPH's cancer immunotherapy drug TAEST16001 optained IND approval in China, this is the first TCR-T approval in China.
    Initiation of Phase I Clinical Study in China of KX2-361 Oral by XPH.
  • Established a collaboration with Nan Fang hospital in the formation of a Precision Medical Center based in Nan Fang hospital;
    Partnered with DUDE Life Bank in the“Global cell bank project", forming the only seed cell bank in mainland Chinato gain national level authorization and accreditation;
    Partnered with ATHENEX, a NASDAQ-listed company in the United States, to establish AXIS, a global R&D and application platform to expedite our work on cell-based cancer immunotherapy;
    Coordinated and signed the“Flex Factory”agreement with GE Medical Systems (USA) to jointly build an industrial scale, GMP grade, preparation pipeline and clinical transformation center in the hopes of promoting Immunotherapy based on High Affinity TCR-T cells as a viable industrial size clinical drug.
  • In collaboration with Phynova, XPH's TCM drug "Cold and Flu Relief Powder for Oral Solution" recieveld Market Approval from MRNA in UK;
    Partner with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIBH) in building the "Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Stem Cell Center" ;
    XPH and three other enterprises jointly forged the“Guangzhou Federation of Bio-Industry”, with XPH as chair, this federation has gathered more than 120 entities of Guangzhou; including bio-pharmaceutical enterprises, research institutions, universities, and clinical medical institutions;
    Optained the first RNAi IND drug approval in China for STP705, a drug co-developed by XPH and Sirnaomics ;
    KX02 for the treatment of Gliomas recieved IND drug approval in China.
  • KX02 for the treatment of Gliomas recieved FDA's IND drug approval in USA.
  • Founded XLife Sc, a biopharmaceutical company focused on TCR-based therapies for cancer;
    Initiates Co-Development of the drug KX02 for the treatment of Gliomas with Athenex (ATHX).
  • Initiates Co-Development of the drug STP705 with Sirnaomics, the first RNAi drug in China.
  • Establish Partnership with Phynova, UK to develope and commercialize XPH's Herbal Medicines (TCM) in the UK, leading to TCM drug approvals in 2015 and 2017 for Arthralgia and Flu.
  • Established the "Xiangcam TCM Reaserch Center Limited" in the UK.

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